Isabel Hemingway - 22 years old -  Human (Telepath) - Ellen Page - Open

Affiliation: None

Employee at Le Petite Cafe

» Background «

Isabel Hemingway has struggled with her ability her entire life. From the time she was only five years old she has been able to read the minds of the people around her. As a young girl she heard awful things from the minds of adults around her that often got her in trouble. Kids often made fun of her for being different and weird not only out loud but in their heads. Eventually it got so bad that she had to be homeschooled until her parents started worrying that something was actually wrong. They took her to countless doctors and psychologists and not one of them believed her even when she would prove it they always diagnosed it as Hypersensitivity. The only person she could ever rely on was her brother, he had always believed her without a doubt. Whenever she had a bad day he would comfort her and take care of her.

By the time he had to move out of the house Isabel was fourteen, she had learned how to block peoples thoughts making it easier for her. She went back to school and convinced her parents she was fine. Everything was smooth sailing until her senior year when she discovered one of her teachers was sexually assaulting one of his students. With no way to prove it but the thoughts in his head no one believed her not even her parents but she couldn’t make herself forget. When she told her brother he came back immediately and confronted the teacher exposing his indiscretions. Isabel was proven right but with no solid explanation on how she knew this she quickly became the freak again. She begged her brother to take her with him and was delighted when he said yes.

It’s been a few years since both Hemingway’s left their small hometown both of them now reside in New York City and with the revelation that vampires and witches exist Isabel feels better about her ability. She wants to focus on how she got her abilities but her brother is making her attend college so that she can have an education. Isabel was slightly peeved at his decision but after her first experience with a vampire and the discovery that she cannot read their minds she’s decided that college may not be such a bad thing after all.

» Personality «

BLUNT: Brutally honest would be one phrase out of many that described Isabel Hemmingway. She believes in telling it like it is even if it offends the person she’s talking to. She’s the kind of girl who will tell you she dislikes you within five minutes of the conversation.

INSECURE: She pretends to be confident and self-assured but she silently questions every word that comes out of her mouth. Every hair flip, conversation, and social interaction is strategically planned out in her head although you would never know it. On the outside she seems calm and collected even witty and hilarious at times but mentally she craves to be like other girls

LOYAL: She is loyal to those who she trusts but getting her to trust you may take some time, in fact even keeping a conversation longer than ten minutes often becomes difficult with her.  

» Relationships «

Jacob Hemingway (Brother)

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