Jacob Hemingway - 31 years old - Human - Henry Cavill - Open

Affiliation: None

Bartender at the Midnight Room 

» Background «

Jacob has always known that his little sister, Isabel, was special and despite everyone else’s doubts he has always believed her. He remembers the day his parents brought her home, he was wary at first of his adopted sister but it was only a matter of time before he began to take his role of big brother seriously. His parents made him promise to never tell her that she was adopted, that it was extremely important that she never know. As a ten-year-old boy he had trouble understanding but he kept his promise.

Growing up Jacob was a very polite and mature boy. His teachers used to say he had an old soul but this often led to distancing himself from his classmates. He preferred reading over playing on the playground and as he grew older it was even more difficult to keep his nose out of his books. He is very mysterious in certain ways. By looking at him you would never know what he was thinking, if he was judging you or not. When it was time for him to leave for college he was very reluctant to leave his baby sister behind. He departed for Notre Dame and majored in pre law. While at school he continuously visited his sister, checking up on her when he could. He knew high school would be difficult for her and after he returned home from graduation he realized how bad things were. 

When she finally confided in him about the things she had been hearing from the mind of her teacher he immediately confronted him. After the exposure he knew Isabel could never return, people knew too much. As soon as she turned eighteen he took her with him to New York City to get her away from their small town.

 The unveiling of the supernatural was a complete shock to him. He still hasn’t completely come to terms with the gravity of the situation but he has noticed Isabel’s increasing curiosity in them. He’s worried for her sake and has been doing his best to keep her away but it’s pretty hard to keep things from a girl who can read minds. Jacob is currently working at the Midnight Room to help pay for his and his sisters educations. What he doesn’t realize is how close the supernatural is to his doorstep.

» Personality «

HUMBLE: Jacob is extremely humble and is rarely ever worried about his own well being over that of somebody else

WISE: He is wise beyond his years, an old soul by philosophical definition. Jacob always knows what to say and even in times of confusion he can muster up a piece of advice to make things just a little bit better.

SECRETIVE: As difficult as it is to keep things from Isabel both he and his parents have been able to keep one secret from her. He has become good at keeping secrets and pushing them from his thoughts.

EMPATHETIC: Jacob feels for the people around him, he goes out of his way to help others. He is prone to giving his heart and help to anyone who he thinks needs his help. 

» Relationships «

Isabel Hemingway- sister